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Tubular Heaters​

The configuration of tubular heaters can be straight or include one or more curves. Both immersion and air heating applications make use of them. They are employed in immersion applications more frequently. Furthermore, tubular heating applications are arguably the most dependable and adaptable in terms of power, terminations, materials, mounting options, and lengths. The Tubular heater can be customised to practically any customer request because of the wide range of application options available.

Tubular Heater Capabilities and Benefits:

Tubular Heater Applications:

Platen heating, Metal mold, Tank heating, Freeze protection, Thermoforming, Medical and analytical device heating, Combi ovens, Rotisserie ovens, Steamers, Warming cabinets, Convection ovens, Conveyor ovens, Smokers, Fryers, Ware washers, Griddles, Radiant heating, Vacuum applications, Fluidized beds, and Circulation heating.We offer 0.430 and 0.315 inch diameter tubular heaters. Our tubular versions are now offered in lengths of up to 6′. Our tubular heaters are built through compression throughout the manufacturing process, including the creation of the bend(s) and the inner coil surrounded by compacted insulation from the sheath.

Tubular Heater Features: