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Strip Heater

Strip Heaters are dependable and reliable flat heating elements – designed to provide efficient heat to flat surfaces from common to industrial applications. The seamless sheath design of Channel Strips makes them ‘dimensionally’ stable in milled slots.
Channel Strips are constructed with a stainless steel rectangular tube with a 1.5” x .312” rectangular dimension and a wall thickness at .030″. The inner construction consists of wound nichrome resistance coil. The inner flexible wire is strung through ceramic insulator pieces that’s a reason we also know as for best Strip Heater Manufacturer. The coils are attached to the screw terminals, or high temperature lead wires of Strip Heaters, for a positive connection. MgO (magnesium oxide) is used to fill and pack open areas surrounding the coils. The MgO material helps increase the elements thermal conductivity and dielectric strength.

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Strip Specifications and Tolerances:

Strip Mica Applications:

Strip Heater

Ovens, Hot Plates, Clamp-on water heating, Coffee urns, Vacuum pumps, Vulcanizers, Autoclaves, Core baking ovens, Space Heating, Pre-Heaters, Food Warmers, Dies, Mold heating, Valve houses, Pipe lines, Process welding, Platens, Melting, Baking, Tank Heating, Incubators, Air Heating, Ink drying, Crane cabs, Sealing Bars, Load Bank resistors, and Packaging.