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Oil Circulation Heaters

Deep Heaters is the Best Oil Immersion Heaters Manufacturer in Gujarat. This Heaters are a great choice for applications requiring larger wattages. Flanged  Immersion Heaters are designed for installation into pipe body, tank or pressure vessel using standard pipe size. These heaters are available in available in wide selection of rates, sizes and sheath materials suitable for the heating requirements of oil that’s why We also known as for Oil immersion Heater manufacturer.

Flanged immersion heaters are very efficient since all energy that is generated is dissipated directly into the medium, which is being heated. All flanged heater models incorporate tubular heater construction welded or brazed into a carbon steel pipe flange. Name 1 terminal enclosures are supplied with all standard units. Moisture resistant and explosion proof models are also available.

Mica Bands Mica bands can be made into many combinations, and are constructed similarly to the Thin band – with the exception of the following:
➤  The inner metal strip folds over to the outer diameter of the band.
➤  The leads are attached during the assembly of the core layers.
➤  The construction is thicker than a Thin band, and does not allow the flexibility for opening to the full length of the band.
➤  Mica Bands are available in Strip Styles.

Oil Circulation Heaters Features:

Oil Circulation Heaters Applications:

Plastic Processing machinery, Vending Machines, Oil Heating Appliances, Ovens & Dryers, Dies and Tools, Kitchen Equipments, Heating Chemical Solutions, Medical Equipments, Packaging machineries, Used in many other applications.